Do people actually read these pages?

I suppose they do so I better add a little information about myself and this blog.

Name: Garry Mac.

Age: Not divulging, but if I were a wine I’d be a vintage.

Occupation: Retired probation and personal injury lawyer.

Location: Formerly New England in the US, now retired and living in awesome Manchester in northern England.

Hobbies: Golf, tennis, cars, writing, law, family, traveling, oh and just had a full sized snooker table installed in the new games room at home.

Car: Mercedes CLS Coupe, although my favorite car is the Austin Healey 3000 Mark I.

I’m originally from Manchester, England and moved to the US with my parents and older sister when I was a young boy. I was lucky enough to have had a mother and father who were financially able to provide their children with great schooling and also to be able to spend several winter vacations back here in England.

I followed in my mother and fathers footsteps and began a career in law, eventually becoming a probation lawyer and then in later life as a personal injury lawyer. Law is somewhat of a passion of mine still.

I moved back to England 5 years ago with my wife of 35 years, Sal. We don’t have any children and neither of us have any real ties to keep us in the US any more. My wife is a real Anglophile and has visited England many times with me and for her especially¬† moving here to live out the rest of our (hopefully long) lives is a dream come true.

Thanks for reading,

G Mac.