The Leveller Of All Men

So I was out with my wife the other morning and we’d taken a lovely walk into town. It was a really fresh morning for the summer but I like the breeze in my face on a morning stroll. When we arrived I was feeling a bit peckish so I suggested breakfast at McDonalds, but Sal wasn’t having any of it – she was here to shop but sent me on my way and suggested we meet up in an hour.

As I got in line (or queued up as you say here) for my breakfast I realised how McDonalds is a leveller. It doesn’t matter what walk of life you’re from if your hungry or want a morning tea or coffee then McDonalds is there for you, they don’t discriminate against any walk of life.

In the queue were 2 policemen, a roguish looking man who looked shady to say the least (but who am I to judge?), a very smartly dressed man in a suit worth hundreds of pounds (if not more), 2 lads dressed in basketball kit, and me. It occurred to me that I could think of no other scenario in the world where we’d all be stood together. Maybe in court I suppose, the police as prosecution witnesses, the rogue was the man on trial, the smartly dressed man the barrister but why were the basketball players there? OK, I couldn’t think of another scenario where we’d all be together again.

I sat down with my breakfast and poured the milk in to my coffee and decided to watch as people arrived through the front door.

Builders were popular as there were some roadworks just outside in the main street and bus drivers who were finishing their early morning runs. Then there was a group of school aged kids, all well behaved and even held the door open for a lady who looked like she spent the night, or a fair few nights, sleeping rough (she actually came round and asked everyone for their free coffee sticker).

I tried to imagine where in the world would this group of people share a meal together and couldn’t come up with a damn thing! McDonalds is comfortable and probably unhealthy but it’s also quick and tasty and suitable for everyone.

Then I watched one of the kids blow the paper off his straw and refuse to pick it up when one of the staff asked him to. The rest of the group laughed at the poor girl who was probably not much older than the rude boy. They stopped laughing when one of the the policeman who had seen the same as me stepped up and came towards them. He didn’t say anything but the paper was picked up and taken to the bin without a word from anyone!

G Macs final thought

Until the rudeness occurred I was lost in the moment thinking that I wish more of life was like this. Maybe one day, just maybe…

G Mac 1 Technology 0

Today is a momentous day. I have achieved a feat that anybody that knows me would say was impossible, and that is to launch my own blog. Thank you, no need to applaud!

Now I may have been one of the top personal injury lawyers in New England in my time and I may have a brain the size of Pluto (the planet, not the cartoon dog) but technology has never been my bag. Heck, I even have trouble figuring out the Tvs RCU, so figuring out how one makes a blog has been a challenge, but one that I have been determined to conquer.

So here we are. This is what we have thus far. Not much I admit but looks aren’t everything, or so that’s what Sal (my wife) has always assured me. But we have something at least, and in time I’ll be sharing with you some awesome content I’m itching to write, mainly related to the world of G Mac (me!) but I promise it won’t be as boring as it might sound.

That’s all for now folks, maybe y’all can drop by here again in a short while and see what’s cooking.


G Mac.