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Today is a momentous day. I have achieved a feat that anybody that knows me would say was impossible, and that is to launch my own blog. Thank you, no need to applaud!

Now I may have been one of the top personal injury lawyers in New England in my time and I may have a brain the size of Pluto (the planet, not the cartoon dog) but technology has never been my bag. Heck, I even have trouble figuring out the Tvs RCU, so figuring out how one makes a blog has been a challenge, but one that I have been determined to conquer.

So here we are. This is what we have thus far. Not much I admit but looks aren’t everything, or so that’s what Sal (my wife) has always assured me. But we have something at least, and in time I’ll be sharing with you some awesome content I’m itching to write, mainly related to the world of G Mac (me!) but I promise it won’t be as boring as it might sound.

That’s all for now folks, maybe y’all can drop by here again in a short while and see what’s cooking.


G Mac.

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